Our designs combine classic beauty and functionality, adding a fresh feeling to traditional spaces.

Our traditions, nordic design heritage and Finnish nature are the birthplaces of our design.




We believe that there is a place for artesan way of working and true craftmanship. Nothing compares human touch to materials.

All our products are handmade in Espoo, southern Finland




The material used in our acoustic collection is Finnish surface peat moss. This ecomaterial also gives products unique visual texture.

Acoustically it´s classified as “ultra effective” (CLASS A) sound absorbent.



Combine the best


Rimpi is an acoustic lighting and wall panel collection for home and public spaces.

The Rimpi pendant shape is designed to blend quietly into a space, creating soft light and absorbing disturbing sound. Because it acts as a light source and a creative sound absorber, Rimpi is an ideal solution for open spaces and restaurants.

The Rimpi wall panel complement the collection unobtusively by creating new complementary texture. Rimpi wall panel can be used for covering entire walls or as a separate art piece.

Design: Maija Puoskari


Inspired by traditional tufted rugs


GranRU theme consist two collections where the visual world of Finnish and Scandinavian traditional handicraft, contemporary ecological materials and innovative processing methods are combined.

The GranRU Romance collection is a series of wall mounted acoustic panel collages with different graphic designs which are inspired by traditional tufted rugs, ryijyt in Finnish.

Design: Wilhelmiina Kosonen

Unforeseen 3d acoustic textures


In GranRu Pori the most modern production methods are combined with the art of handicraft. The traditional Finnish rug inspired graphic pattern consists of hundreds of x’s, which are either impressed or raised from the surface of the panel.

The Pori collage creates a strong visual impression wherever it is placed.

The work has been awarded by Finnish interior journalist 2015.

Premiered at Stockholm Design Week in February 2014.

Presented at Milan Design Week 2014 at the Brera District.

Design: Wilhelmiina Kosonen


The classic

Hiljaiset Puut Collection

Hiljaiset Puut collection was born in collaboration with designers Krista Kosonen and Mari Martikainen. 

The acoustic wall and panels collection presents one of the most essential features of the Finnish nature in a profound, timeless character that discreetly takes its place in different kind of spaces and interiors.

We believe that huge popularity the collection has had is related to endless play for light and shadow on the form. Play that continuously reveals new shades of color and remind us in about our dependability of nature and the most beautiful days in our childhood.

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