Beautiful Acoustics

Whether you are doing interior design for a new office or hotel or just looking for something beautiful for your home,  we have prepared a comprehensive sound absorber collection for you. 

Our pendants & wall panels -collection and acoustic curtains will give you new approaches & concepts to interior acoustics and allow thoughtful paths to create comfortable, beautiful, and functional spaces. 

15 beautiful collections, 148 pages with color palettes, technical drawings, and complete price lists to assist you in your planning. Take a look.


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Finnish forest as inspiration

design story by Elisa Defossez
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Spaces you want to be in

and stay in

We aim to transform your space into comfortable, beautiful experience in the sea of too much noise.


Our designs combine classic beauty and functionality, adding a fresh feeling to traditional spaces so they are easy to intertwine to your space and project.


The combination of acoustic pendants, curtains, multiple beautiful wall panels and comprehensive collection of acoustic curtains give you an unprecedented toolbox to better acoustics in almost any space. .

Waste as energy

story from the factory
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You are in good company

From the new and shiny supersecret Palo Alto office to Linkedin and Forex in Europe, countless big and small customers have trusted us in solving their acoustic problems.


Our products have been awarded and nominated multiple times. The best award is still a happy customer amazed by the look and feel of the product when receiving it.

We take great pride to assist you in every step from initial design to installation. We strive for you to have the exact same experience like one customer representative at Supercell said after the installation was done "This exceeds our expectations with a wide, wide margin."

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Surface peat

story of a material

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The Modern Art of acoustics

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NUKUNESS collection
by Elisa Defossez

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- since 2012 - 


Got a question?

Room acoustics can sometimes be a daunting issue.  How much I need materials, where do I place them to get the best benefit and how to combine wall panels and acoustic curtains to the best possible outcome?

We are here the help you. Whether you are designing next superhotel interior or decorating your private home, just send us an email, some pictures&dimensions and if you have, a floorplan, and we are good to go. 

We always recommend friendly call/skype session, few shared pictures and cup of coffee to create new and better interiors. Sometimes the solutions might be literally just one conversation way. When your needs are professional in the strongest sense of the word, we have here skillful engineers, measurement systems&software in place to co-design the best possible solution for you client.


Thank you

We always have been grateful to see how our products have been welcomed.

To know that our acoustics solutions bring you a quality of quietness and well-being in your life is our best reward.

Our products have been appreciated and showcased :

German design award nominee 2016/Product: RIMPI
Finnish interior journalist award 2016/Product: PALA
Finnish interior journalist award 2015/Product: GRANRU PORI

Nordic Happiness 2018/MILANO

Ventura Lambrate 2017/MILANO
Formex 2016/STOCKHOLM
Meetmyproject 2016/MILANO

Designdistrict 2016/ AMSTERDAM Design week 2016/BEIRUT MUNCHEN High-End 2016/MUNCHEN 
High-End 2015/MUNCHEN 

Tent London 2014/LONDON Stockholm Furniture 2013/ STOCKHOLM


Please refer Catalogues for product information. 

Interior architects/designers&custom projects

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Start planning and move ahead

Start planning by looking our catalogs and ordering sample kits. That way you can decide in your own pace what products and materials will best suit for your interior. 


The pendant&wall panel material samples contain all the standard colors and material samples.


Acoustic textile sample kits include fabrics in AAVA&RYTMI or HELSINKI collection based on your sample order. Samples are delivered free of charge in Europe.