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For her NUKUNESS collection, designer Elisa Defossez got her inspiration from the Finnish forest atmosphere.

With the soft and warm colours of the ending summer's light, the moss carpet covering the ground, the muffled quietness, are beautifully interpreted in each detail of her collection's products.

«Forest walks became for me a daily activity, in which I discovered a quality of quietness that makes me feel particularly peaceful. In my objects, I try to offer this same closeness with natural elements because I believe that they have a soothing effect on us, taking part in our well-being sensation.

This closeness feeling with nature is a ground for encouraging deeper relationship and respect to materials and objects."

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Respect to material is at the core of NUKUNESS collection.

All the designs are made without using any glue or any extra material other than wool felt. This monomateriality is an inspiring thinking in terms of creation but also a way to consider an object as in its entire life cycle.

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