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RIMPI collection
Pendants & Wall panels
by Maija Puoskari

RIMPI Pendants

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Rimpi pendants
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The delicate, stylishly Nordic Rimpi pendant brings an entirely new approach to acoustics. Its carefully designed form blends in with its surroundings and subdues noise effectively. Its soft light is irresistible.

Rimpi is an ideal solution for spacious interiors. Made of natural fibres, its surface material highlights a range of tones, with a fresh look that remains classical.

Rimpi pendants come in three sizes and five different colours. The pendant is at its best above a table close to the user, in an acoustically optimum position. The sizes and colours in the collection are perfect matches, enabling their harmonious combination according to your needs.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

RIMPI Wall panels

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Rimpi wall panel

Sometimes, the best things seem to come naturally. This was true of the wall panels belonging to the Rimpi collection. During the design of the Rimpi lighting collection, the idea of wall panels based on timeless designs seemed to arise spontaneously.

In Rimpi wall panels, novel use is made of the contrasting and subtle textures of the material’s cut edges. The play of light and shade on the surface brings out limitless contrasts.

The wall panel collection includes three sizes, which you can use to form the overall design of your choice. They can be used as wall panelling, or as an artistic design element.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

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