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by Wilhelmiina Kosonen



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Gran Ru pori
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The Finnish handicrafts tradition, ecological Finnish acoustic material, and an innovative production method are combined in an acoustic artwork inspired by the traditional ‘tulip wall rug’ from the Pori region.

The GranRu Pori is a dazzlingly beautiful design item for ambitious interior decor. This acoustic artwork includes a novel, three-dimensional surface structure with thousands of details. A fascinating pattern draws the viewer in to explore a rich world in which something new can be found time and time again.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

GRAN RU Romance

Gran Ru romance
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The GranRu Romance collection reworks time-honored traditions, while still respecting them. Its visual ambiance is based on the world of Scandinavian wall rugs and brings a touch of everyday luxury to acoustic interior design.

Subdued, three-dimensional symbols are brought to life as printout-like surfaces forming acoustic wallpaper. Rousing but familiar flower, heart, and cross themes are repeated by the symbols.

The collection includes three design options and two sizes. Colour variations range from stark black to glowing gold and from dignified blue to delicate white.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

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