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by Elisa Defossez

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NUKU modular panel

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NUKU*from the Japanese word «Nukumori»

NUKU is a system of modular acoustic elements for wall covering.

Simple square felt sheets are pinched in their middle, in such a way that they create an organic shape.

Every single module has specific cuts on the edges, which allows easy and modular assembling.

A medium-grained pattern is printed from top to bottom of each module, emphasizing the sensual organic volume effect.

An ingenious cutting design allows an assembling and shaping without
any additional material, giving the M1 freedom of modularity.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

NAMI wall panel

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NAMI*from Japanese, meaning wave

NAMI is a wall hanging panel, made of felt strips interwoven in a background sheet, by using a cutting edges pattern.

The fine-grained gradient printed on the strips emphasizes the rounded volume effect, playing on the illusion between the real shadow of the pleats and the printed pattern.

The rhythmic pattern is made of three different stripes de- signs that are used in regular order.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

VALO panel, partitioner

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VALO*from Finnish, meaning light

Valo is a wall-hanging screen made of one single felt sheet. Valo can be used as a wall covering screen or as a space divider.

Designed as a repeatable pattern, screens can be put next to each other, to create a continuous surface.

The print pattern creates a blurriness, evoking a soft glows sensation, from afar view.

Close to it, the vibrant texture invites to touch.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

MUUTOS wall tiles

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MUUTOS*from Finnish, meaning change

MUUTOS is a little wall acoustic tile, which can fit any interior, allowing various patterns compositions.

The folding curved structure is made by pleats that are fixed by an interlocking system made of cuts in the felt.

The printed gradient on the felt surface emphasizes the curved volume perception.

The tiles can be arranged on flat walls, curved surfaces, or pillars.

dimensions   |   specifications   |   3D   |   download

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