Innofusor Rimpi acoustic lighting and wall panel collection
Maija Puoskari

I work at my own Studio Maija Puoskari design studio in Helsinki, Kallio. My designs include a wide range of interior design: lights, furniture, glass artifacts, vessels, mirrors, jewellerys, carpets, textiles and ceramic tiles. Products that I design have often references to the nature, which is an important theme for me. My designs are always based on a strong idea, functionality and high-class production.

The Rimpi collection originates to an objective to design a product that utilises the beautiful edge of the peat panel and creates as little waste as possible. The Rimpi Pendant approaches the acoustic challenges with a new way – it brings the product close to the user, there, where a good acoustic is really needed. 

Krista Kosonen

Krista's designs reflect her sculptural approach to design. Her work stems from a strong passion for free artistic expression.

Krista has done research on design identities and examined how designers find their ways in design. Currently, she works as a researcher and teacher in Aalto University and as a curator in Imu Design.

Krista is inspired by bold, unique expression that illustrates its maker's character, integrity, and passion.

Innofusor Rimpi acoustic lighting and wall panel collection
Innofusor Rimpi acoustic lighting and wall panel collection
Mari Martikainen

We created the first Hiljaiset Puut artwork together with Krista Kosonen in 2007. Through discussion, Innofusor started to produce the modular acoustic wall panel. From design point-of-view, the work was fresh and bring something new to the markets.

The product found it´s customers and place very fast and somehow become "iconic" design for Innofusor.

I have a versatile working experience with design. The Mifuko, a fair trade design company that was founded by me and Minna Impiö, employs now 650 artisans in Kenya.

For me, it is important, that my work can make a difference and change the world into a better place. Materials, techniques and collaboration with producers and designers is my biggiest inspiration. 

Annika Heikkinen

I am Annika Heikkinen, a graphic and industrial designer, living in Helsinki. I like to design products that add joy and well-being.

One of my design is Akusti acoustic panels. Good acoustics can sound, and also look, very cozy. Akusti renews the style of perforated acoustic panels. The holes, which are normally rigidly placed in straight lines, have gone wild on the Akusti wall, creating decorative figures: swallows and trees.

Figures are modular enabling you to easily create a unique Akusti wall. Akusti acoustic panels are functional interior decoration.

Innofusor Rimpi acoustic lighting and wall panel collection
Innofusor Rimpi acoustic lighting and wall panel collection
Tytti Laitakari

I am a textile and surface designer from Helsinki. The rough surfaces, made by nature or human, inspires me. I work very intuitively and I let it show in my work.

When I was making experiments for the “Kädenjälki” wall panel, I was delighted how the brush painted organic marks reminded me of the human touch. The sheen of the metal creates life and three-dimensional feeling to the abstract pattern and enhances the natural beautify of the peat surface structure.


I want to bring beauty to everyday living with my design. An acoustic panel is a functional product, but it can be also a beautiful artwork that catches eyes and makes you dream.